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GE-Safety Associates can provide specialized in-house Sustained Attention Training (SAT), as well as train dispatcher instruction. GE Safety Associates is affiliated with Transportation Certification Services, Inc (TCS). TCS, headquartered in Overland Park, KS., is recognized internationally as a major provider of rail transportation industry training services for any size operation ranging from the major Class1 freight rail carriers tosmall shortline carriers or commuter start-up. For example, TCS can provide Locomotive Engineer and Conductor Certification (49 CFR Part 240 & 242), operating rules (Part 217.11), control of drugs and alcohol in the workplace (Part 219), to name just a few of available training curricula. Whatever your training needs might be, GE Safety Associates and TCS can design and deliver a program for you.

Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

Dr. Raja Parasuraman, Professor of Psychology, George Mason University

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