Railroad Regulatory

GE-Safety Associates have extensive experience in all federal and state railroad regulatory areas. Whether you are an established railroad, a start-up or contract operator, GE-Safety Associates will provide you with the guidance and expertise to establish solid compliance programs, remedy issues of non-compliance or audit existing programs for regulatory sufficiency. Whatever your need, GE-Safety Associates will tailor a custom program for your property and guarantee results!


Safety Audits-GE-Safety Associates can evaluate all areas of your operation on-site to establish the current general level of safety as compared with similar operations nationwide as well as with commonly accepted industry standards. In the case of unique or unusual situations, GE-Safety Associates can conduct a Risk-Hazard-Analysis to quantify risks and create a predictive model in order to establish an acceptable threshold for safe operations.

Accident Investigations

The first step in accident prevention and safety improvement is the positive identification of the primary and contributing causal factors associated with every accident or near-miss. GE Safety Associate staff have decades of experience in the investigation of hundreds of railroad, light-rail transit, commuter rail accidents involving operating rules compliance, rail equipment, human factors, signal systems, maintenance of way engineering and hazardous materials.


GE Safety Associates is affiliated with Transportation Certification Services, Inc (TCS). TCS, headquartered in Overland Park, KS., is recognized internationally as a major provider of rail transportation industry training services for any size operation ranging from the major Class1 freight rail carriers tosmall shortline carriers or commuter start-up.

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