George Elsmore's primary attribute is that of trust. He can be trusted to "do the right thing" in all circumstances, not only in his doing what is expected (and more), but also in his loyalty and support of those around him. I worked directly with George for five years at the California Public Utilities Commission, where he ultimatley became the statewide manager of the CPUC's rail safety program. I could always rely on George's expertise and knowledge, and was always confident he would complete whatever task was before him in a most thorough manner. George has tremendous people and communication skillls, which have given him the ability to build stakeholder consensus even when matters seemed entirely unnegotiable. George will always demonstrate the highest level of integrity and effort in anything he undertakes.

Kenneth Koss
Administrative Law Judge (Retired)
Former Director - Rail Safety and Carriers Division,
California Public Utilities Commission

I have known George Elsmore, both personally and professionally, for nearly twenty-five (25) years. During that time George has always demonstrated the height of professionalism in his manner and style of handling any issue under his responsibility. As the representative of the largest railroad worker union in California, my primary contact with George was in the area of rail safety enforcement matters. George always applied a fair and equitable standard of enforcement in these matters. This standard was embedded in an absolute and complete knowledge/understanding of the law, regulations and issues before him. George also has the rare ability to bring opposite sides in any matter to a common ground of understanding; this ability is enhanced by a personable person power that only George Elsmore possesses.

James (J.P.) Jones, Director
California Legislative Board
United Transportation Union

"It has been said that in times of challenge, the measure of leadership is most apparent. If that be the case, based upon my experience, George Elsmore is a foremost leader. I worked with George during some highly challenging times in safety oversight of railroad operations in California. At the time, we were implementing a number of new and complex programs while the industry suffered growing rail traffic congestion and divisiveness among various constituencies. To add to the turmoil, in the midst of all this, one of the involved rail carriers experienced a devastating high-profile wreck resulting in deep casualty and wide-negative public optics. All this furthered distrust and disharmony among stakeholders--the rail regulators, the rail managers, the rail employees, and the rail unions. In the midst of the dysfunction, George Elsmore stepped up. With his earned credibility, George was able to provide a solid, formidable, and consistent leadership presence. His steady hand and calm demeanor helped restore fidelity in all quarters, and his sincerity engendered a spirit of improved cooperation all-around. Through his natural bias for inclusion and openness, George helped broker consensus protocols and open communications between and among the parties. George Elsmore is a team builder. He is a person you want with you when there are headwinds in organizational trenches."

Jim Schultz
Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
Patriot Rail Corp

"I have worked with George for over 20 years while he was with the CAPUC and directly with him while he was our VP of Safety at Veolia Transportation. George has an extensive railroad operations background. George is well-versed in railroad operations and a proven expert in Federal and State railroad regulations. George has proven strong root cause investigative skills and system safety planning.  George has strong relationships and interface with the FRA, NTSB, PUC and state regulators. His strong public speaking  ability and interpersonal skills make him an effective and influential representative of railroad safety, operating practices and regulatory compliance."

Don Saunders
Chief Operating Officer Rail
Veolia Transportation

"George Elsmore is a wonderful example of a dedicated railroad safety professional.   I come from the labor side of railroad safety.  He and I have worked together for many years, and I have watched him grow to be the consensus builder he has become.  His intelligence, honesty and integrity are virtues that are hard to find in a railroad safety colleague.  I would recommend him without hesitation, for any and all railroad safety matters."

Timothy Smith, State & National Chairman
California State Legislative Board & National Association of State Legislative Board Chairmen
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen
Teamsters Rail Conference

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