Railroad Regulatory Compliance

GE-Safety Associates specializes in helping rail owners and operators improve safety and establish credibility with state and federal regulatory agencies by ensuring that the owners, managers and employees have a complete knowledge and understanding of what is expected of them from a regulatory compliance standpoint. GE-Safety Associates will conduct an in-depth assessment of each regulatory program, recommend change when necessary, then conduct an independent audit to evaluate knowledge, understanding and compliance. GE-Safety Associates will prepare your managers and employees for Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and/or State Safety Agency audits by explaining what to expect, what recordkeeping documentation will be needed and how the audits are conducted generally. GE-Safety Associates have extensive experience in all of the following regulatory areas:

USDOT Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations, Parts:

  • 200 & 201 Informal & Formal rules of practice for passenger service
  • 207 Railroad police officers
  • 209 Railroad safety enforcement procedures (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 210 Railroad noise emission compliance regulations
  • 211 Rules of practice
  • 212 State safety participation regulations (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 213 Track safety standards
  • 214 Railroad workplace safety (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 215 Railroad freight car safety standards
  • 216 Special notice and emergency order procedures: Railroad track, locomotives and equipment (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 217 Railroad operating rules (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 218 Railroad operating practices (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 219 Control of alcohol and drug use (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 220 Railroad communications (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 221 Rear end marking device-passenger, commuter and freight trains
  • 223 Safety glazing standards-Locomotives, passenger cars and cabooses
  • 225 Railroad accidents/incidents: Reports, classification, and investigation (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 228 Hours of service of railroad employees (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 229 Railroad locomotive safety standards
  • 230 Locomotive inspection
  • 231 Railroad safety appliance standards (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 232 Railroad power brakes and drawbars
  • 233 Signal system reporting requirements (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 234 Grade crossing signal system safety (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 235 Instructions governing application for approval of a discontinuance or material modification of a signal system, or relief from the
    requirements of part 236 (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 236 Rules, standards, and instructions governing the installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of signal and train control
    systems, devices, and appliances (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 238 Passenger equipment safety standards (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 239 Passenger train emergency preparedness (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 240 Qualification and certification of locomotive engineers (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 242 Qualification and certification of conductors (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)

State of California Public Utilities Code, et al (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)

State of California Public Utilities Commission General Orders: (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)

  • 26-D Railroad clearances (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 118 Construction, reconstruction and maintenance of walkways and control, of vegetation adjacent to railroad tracks (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 126 Contents of first-aid kits provided by railroads (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 135 The occupancy of public grade crossings by railroads (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)
  • 164-D Rules and Regulations Governing State Safety Oversight of Rail Fixed Guideway Systems – Amended May 3, 2007.
    Effective May 3, 2007 (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)

Federal Railroad Safety Act of 2008 (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)

Hours of service act (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)

Locomotive Boiler Inspection Act (GE-Safety Associates Specialty)

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