Practical Applications

Safety Audits-GE-Safety Associates can evaluate all areas of your operation on-site to establish the current general level of safety as compared with similar operations nationwide as well as with commonly accepted industry standards. In the case of unique or unusual situations, GE-Safety Associates can conduct a Risk-Hazard-Analysis to quantify risks and create a predictive model in order to establish an acceptable threshold for safe operations. All safety audits and assessments will include mitigation steps involving training or engineering solutions to produce the desired results. a great deal of experience in designing programs required by regulatory standards, for example railroad operating rules training & testing; Roadway Worker Protection Plans; Certification of Locomotive Engineers and Conductors; System Safety Program Plans, Passenger Train Emergency Preparedness Plans and more. Over the years, GE-Safety Associates has developed strong working relationships with regulators in Washington, D.C. as well as those within many state jurisdictions. GE-Safety Associates have Safety Associates can also provide expert witness testimony for a wide range of rail industry needs including litigation involving highway-grade crossing warning devices, signal system operation, train operations, human factors, mechanical and engineering.

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